The Unmake-able Made…

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing creative packaging, VINYL, CD and Cassette. 88Create is a completely bespoke service that specialises in product design and project management .


What we do

Be it never before tried and tested ideas or the schedule that seems impossible to meet, 88's years of experience in cutting edge production and product design have placed it firmly as an industry leader in making some of the most creative and innovative projects, delivered to spec and on time.

New and unusual techniques

The Skepta Album "Ignorance is Bliss" was a great example of applying a technique normally used in hospitals and the medical field for plastic thermometers. From this we developed a heat reactive ink that we could print over the back panel of the sleeve to leave a heat signature when touched. Against a very challenging schedule we were able to produce and deliver the packs on time for the release of the album.


Never say never

"Throughout my years of working on creative projects, it has always been my approach that almost anything can be done to realise the visions of our clients. No or Never are words I do my best to avoid, as with the right approach to a project almost anything really can be possible" - Henry Lavelle, MD 88Create.


Packaging and format designed by Henry Lavelle

Recent projects


Packaging and format designed by Henry Lavelle

CAD Modeling and Rendering

At 88 we use a range of software platforms including Solid Works - an extremely powerful and versatile platform, used for the CAD design of everything from Toys to Tanks - as well as powerful rendering and animation software to take those models and produce photo realistic renders for our clients. These are often used as "pre-sale" renders for DTC pre-orders. No more the flat photoshopped images of old, but beautiful 3D images of the product, weeks before anything has been physical produced.


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